The favorite has the role to become successful. The scapegoat must become the failure so that the narcissistic parent can tell others how much this hurts them. So the narcissistic mother can play the victim Narcissistic women are jealous. This doesn’t just apply to the female narcissist, all narcissists are extremely jealous.
Aug 30, 2022 · The narcissist gives the Golden Child special treatment, including praising them for even mundane accomplishments. They hold the Golden Child up to the others as a shining example of excellence. The other side of this coin is the Scapegoat. Narcissists will punish a Scapegoat child more severely for routine behaviors.
These Flying Monkeys may be manipulated into helping the narcissist by. 1. Spying. Let's say you're the one who ended the relationship, and have gone " no contact " in an attempt to distance yourself and heal from that mess. Narc might get one or two FMs to spy on your social media accounts to see what you're up to , and report back.
The narcissistic parent often pits siblings against each other, setting up a destructive pattern that can stick for decades. ... and then basks in the praise. There is the ‘scapegoat’ child ...
Narcissistic Personality Disorder is characterized by an extreme need for attention, entitlement, and belief in one’s own innate superiority. In order to maintain this disordered self-understanding and feed the craving for attention, people with NPD seek out people who will provide the narcissistic supply necessary to sustain their self-delusion.